Nagorno Karabakh 2018

September 6th -15th 2018

Price: $3525.00

Group Size: 14

NK Expedition 2018

Nagorno Karabakh sits at the south-eastern part of Caucasus Minor. Its rugged and beautiful landscape allows trekking through stunning canyons, primeval forests and along mountainous ranges. A region rich in history and adventure. This trekking expedition encompasses philanthropy, camaraderie and culture as we explore the Janapar Trail and the work of The HALO Trust.


The aim of this expedition is to trek a section of the Janapar Trail and raise funds for The HALO Trust Demining Teams. We are looking to raise $30,000 USD between team members, this will be 100% match-funded by an anonymous donor. This funding will go a long way to pay for a Demining Team for a year and to reach the goal of a landmine-free Nagorno Karabakh by 2020. 


Why go?

Nagorno Karabakh offers the opportunity to seek adventure off the beaten track. This is a unique opportunity to trek in remote areas through landscapes that have not changed in centuries. Your involvement in this expedition will have a real impact upon the lives of others, the funds raised by this expedition will remove landmines that have plagued the region for decades. If that’s not a good enough reason I don’t know what is!

Meet the people of Karabakh

The hospitality of the people of Nagorno Karabakh is legendary. A proud independent people who have faced their share of tragedy, always welcoming ready to share their history, their food, drink and culture.

The Plan

40/40 Adventures runs expeditions, not travel packages. We have an expedition framework in place which allows flexibility within the itinerary. This page is to give substance rather than specifics.

On Expedition


Teammates arrive in Yerevan either as part of the group flying from Dallas-Fort Worth or independently. We will gather at our hotel in Yerevan the official start of the expedition. There the Expedition Leader David Gill will deliver the briefings for the expedition. The following day our journey begins.

We depart early from Yerevan for the journey to Hadrut. continue our drive through Karabakh to Hadrut. Our first night camping is an opportunity to meet our guide for the Janapar Trail. For the next four days, we will trek through beautiful forests, spectacular canyons and open plains and complete our journey in the historical city of Shushi. From here we will travel a short distance to Stepanakert, for the second phase of the expedition, meeting up with The HALO Trust.

Following a briefing on the clearance program and the work of the NGO, we will suit up in body armor and visors and head to a training minefield where we will practice the techniques of a deminer. Our home for the next two nights is the modern and comfortable Europe Hotel. Our final full day in Nagorno Karabakh will see us visiting the beneficiaries of landmine clearance, an active minefield and a demolition of armaments, if operations permit. We will meet the teams which you have been fundraising for in action.  

Goal Achieved

On our last night in Nagorno Karabakh there will be a farewell dinner with our guides, and friends from The HALO Trust. The following morning, we depart for our flight to Yerevan on an Mi8 Helicopter. The absence of a long road journey allows for sightseeing in the capital before our international departure that evening.


  • Explore Yerevan the ancient capital of Armenia
  • Experience life in rural Nagorno Karabakh
  • Trek through isolated landscapes away from tourism infrastructure.
  • Visit monasteries and medieval architecture
  • Experience the life of a landmine clearance operator
  • Be part of a team working towards a landmine free world
  • Experience Nagorno Karabakh by helicopter

What’s included

anoush dsgn

A unique piece of artwork designed by Anoush Dsgn,That she has kindly allowed us to use as part of our expedition. To see more of her fantastic work https://www.instagram.com/armenian.alphabet.art/

  • All food, water, snacks
  • Camping equipment on the Janapar Trail
  • Dallas -Fort Worth to Yerevan return economy flights
  • 40/40 Adventures Expedition Leader
  • Two nights stay at the Europe Hotel in Stepanakert
  • Local English speaking guide in Nagorno Karabakh
  • All ground transportation on Expedition.
  • Flight on a Mi-8 Helicopter to Yerevan.
  • Visit to The HALO Trust landmine clearance program
  • Visa for Nagorno Karabakh
  • Safety and first aid kits
  • Satellite tracker
  • Expedition t-shirt and hoodie.
  • Pre-expedition team-building weekend in Texas.

 Not included

  • Tips for guides
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks and souvenirs
  • Armenian Visa if required. US and UK citizens currently do not need a visa to enter Armenia
  • Fundraising target per participant of $2500.00. Your sponsorship will be 100% Match funded and donated directly to The HALO Trust