Discover the beauty of Northern Argentina

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Dates: October 19th - 28th 2018

This route is for the adventure lovers taking you through some of the most inhospitable, surprising and challenging landscapes of the Puna de Atacama, stretching between the provinces of Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy. Valleys, ravines, volcanoes, salt plains, dunes, large mountains and small hamlets. Total distance 1710 kms.

Friday 19th October - Buenos Aires, 

We will arrive at Aeroparque Jeorge Newberry where we will be met by your 40/40 Adventures Guide and our local guide. We will then transfer to our hotel where we will stay for one night. After settling in we will head across to the La Boca neighborhood for lunch at a local restaurant, we will have time afterwards to explore the neighborhood. In the afternoon and evening we will be free to explore the sights and sounds of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires

Accommodation: Fierro Boutique Hotel 

Saturday 20th October - Buenos Aires - Salta

This morningwe will have a leisurely breakfast and time to relax before our adventure begins. Mid morning we will take our Private transfer to the domestic airport where we will check in for our flight AR 1458 scheduled to depart at 13.05 to Salta.  On arrival in Salta we will transfer to our hotel for the night.  This evening we will enjoy a welcome dinner at the “La Casona del Molino” a classic Peña restaurant of Salta. 

Accommodation:  Hotel Alejandro 1

Sunday 21st October - Salta - Purmamarca - Humahuaca - Hornocal - Iruya.

After breakfast we will split into our 4x4 crews and drive northwards  to the state of Jujuy. Following the old route 9 we will drive through the lush vegetation of the Yungas Jungle to the arid landscape of the Humahuaca´s Gorge. We will be visiting Purmamarca located in the foothills of the seven-color mountain and the impressive Hornocal hills near the town of Humahuaca. There will be time to visit the local market and the crafts market and after lunch, we will head off of the asphalt and take a dirt road that gains elevation reaching 4300 meters or just over 14,000 feet. Here we will have the perfect view of the Hornocal Hills. Continuing on we will drive to the Santa Victoria hills which will allow us to begin our descent through the canyons created by the Colanzuli River. After a great first day of driving we will reach the village of Iruya where we will stop for the night. 

Distance: 330 km (245km – main/tar, 85 km – dirt/gravel)

Accommodation: Hosteria Iruya

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner (not including alcoholic drinks)

Monday 22nd October - Iruya - Humahuacha - Susques - San Antonio de Los Cobres. 

A day to discover the Puna or Altiplano. After Susques we are going to leave the pavement roads behind driving on Argentina’s most famous route, RN 40, the longest of the country. During this journey, we are going to have nice close-up views of the Tuzgle volcano while we border it. The road goes under the railway bridge of the “Train to the clouds” a real icon of the tourism in Salta.

Accommodation: Hotel de las Nubes

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner (not including alcoholic drinks) Distance: 285 km (120 km – main/tar, 165 km – dirt/gravel)


After breakfast, we head west to have incredible views from the “Abra del Gallo” at 4560 meters altitude. The region near Tolar Grande it is probably the most amazing place in the state of Salta, not only because of its beauty but also because of the elements which have contributed to science giving us a better understanding of the beginning of life on Earth. We are going to visit “Ojos de Mar” where researchers have found prehistoric microorganisms called stromatolites that are still alive and inhabited our planet 3.5 billion years ago!

We will finish the day watching the sun set over the mountains in Tolar Grande, located at 3500 meters with just 150 inhabitants, this village emerged with the arrival of the railway line that used to connect Salta, Socompa and the harbor of Antofagasta in Chile, when the mining industry was at its peak.

Accommodation: Hostería Casa Andina

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner (not including alcoholic drinks) Distance: 180 km (180 km – dirt/gravel)


We will begin the day crossing the Arizaro Salt Flat, the second largest in the world after the Uyuni Salt flat in Bolivia, until we reach the Cono de Arita (a striking formation similar to a volcano in the middle of the salt flat. The lava fields will change the landscape of the area; we have to ascend the heights of the Calalaste Hills in order to reach the village of Antofagasta de la Sierra and from there to El Peñon.

Accommodation: Hosteria El Peñon

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner (not including alcoholic drinks) Estimated distance: 195 km (65 km main/tar road, 130 km dirt/gravel)


Another amazing and unique landscape to discover today, endless sandbanks to cross where we need to test our skills driving in Low 4wd to finish on the “Campo de Piedra Pomez” (Pumice Stone field), a strange and stunning landscape of white labyrinth formed by volcanic rocks. The field is located in a region where giant dunes, volcanoes and colored hills dazzle us with their out-of-this-world landscapes. Silence and cold reign in this desolate natural wonder of Argentina. The rest of the afternoon, we will use a pavement road to reach Cafayate.

Accommodation: Patios de Cafayate Wine Hotel

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner (not including alcoholic drinks) Estimated distance: 385 km (340 km main/tar road, 45 km pathway)

Friday 26th October - CAFAYATE – CACHI

Going back to the RN40 to discover the Calchaqui Valley. 170 km of dirt road to connect these two villages, we will have the opportunity to visit some families that still work with looms to weave the typical “Ponchos”. In the afternoon, we will be in Cachi a small colonial village.

Accommodation: La Merced Del Alto – Cachi Adentro

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch & Dinner (not including alcoholic drinks) Estimated distance: 175 km (25 km main/tar road, 150 km dirt/gravel)

Saturday 27th October - CACHI - SALTA - BUENOS AIRES

On the last day of this adventure, we are going to be descending to the Bridge of the Devil, a tunnel created by the erosion of the Calchaquí River after its natural channel has been covered by volcanic activity. In this tunnel, we can see stalactites of different colors. Then we have to cross “Los Cardones” National Park by the same route that will lead us through the Cuesta del Obispo to the Lerma Valley, where the city of Salta is located.

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch (not including alcoholic drinks)

Estimated distance: 160 km (140 km main road, 20 km ground road)

We will head directly to the domestic airport where we will check in for the flight AR 1459 scheduled to depart at 20.45 to Buenos Aires

You are scheduled to arrive at 22.45 where you will be transferred to the FIERRO BOUTIQUE HOTEL where you will stay for One (1) night

Sunday 28th October - BUENOS AIRES

After breakfast you’ll enjoy a morning city tour followed by a guided tour of the Tigre Delta with a final lunch by the riverside before being transferred across to the airport for your flight home