Sickness while Overseas

Sami Schatzman Feb 11, 2019

I recently traveled to London over Thanksgiving and Paris over New Years and got sick both times. I have traveled pretty often for being twenty but I think this is the first time I have ever gotten sick while in a foreign country… and it sucked. When you are sick all you want is your own bed, however you are 2000 miles away in a country where you probably don’t speak the language. So, in the spirit of sharing funny stories and hopefully keeping someone from ever feeling that bad again, here are some tips.


First, whatever you do, don’t share a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea with your entire hostel. This is a bad idea and it will never end well. It will end up getting twenty of your new friends sick and now none of you can go out and explore. It is actually a pretty good idea to never share drinks, just so you know. You never know what someone else has or if its treatable in the country you are in. Happily, in almost all European countries, pharmacists are licensed doctors and will give you prescriptions! YAYY!!! The problem then is getting past the language barrier, however if you are traveling in a group, chances are someone speaks that language.


Second, if you are at a wedding and the groom is sick, DO NOT HUG HIM WHATEVER YOU DO!!! It might be a 36-hour bug and then you will get sick on your flight and it will just get worse from there. Trust me. It was bad. And I was staying in a tiny apartment with the rest of my family who also got sick. The best thing to do in that case is to hydrate and sleep and take whatever medicine your friends get you from the pharmacy.

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do when you are sick in a foreign country besides try to sleep it off as much as possible. The nice thing is that this actually works in getting you better. So after you finish reading this post, drink a large glass of water and GO TO BED!!!