Jet Lag

Sami Schatzman Feb 11, 2019

Jet Lag. One of the most annoying side effects of overseas travel, and surprisingly one that can cause a lot of problems. So here I am to hopefully help you and give you tips on how to get over the tiredness as quickly as possible.

Now first things first, jet lag will have you forgetting the most simple things and then you have to deal with your phone dying, no extra charger, and no map in the middle of a foreign country where you can’t speak the language (and yes this happened to me). Now the first thing to remember is hydration, hydration, hydration. I know it sounds like you hear this all the time but it really does work. Fill up a water bottle at the airport and have it refilled during your flight as many times as possible. Another thing I do is lotion up before during and after a flight. Not very surprisingly, the high altitude dries your skin out and makes you feel even more out of it after a ten hour flight. Finally, I would suggest trying to change your sleeping habits to where you are going before you get there. Now I know that it might be hard to go to bed at one and wake up at noon but you will be thankful when you get there and you’re up and ready to go.


No matter what, your sleep schedule will get totally jacked up. When I was in London for a week, I was adjusted before I got there… and then I arrived and started staying up all night and getting up later in the day. It was probably the most fun I have ever had on a trip but it was totally different to what someone else of- say the age of forty- would have done. Just remember that every trip will be different and despite the amount of traveling you do, you will probably never get used to jet-lag, but you can decrease the side effects of it.