Far not Fast

Grant Boatwright Feb 13, 2019

Trail Alone
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

60 lbs. on my back at mile 10 after over 3K elevation gain and loss and I was ready to call it quits. Then I glanced behind and all I see is beautiful woman beeming at me as she clicks away pictures just about every other step with pure joy on her face. Sure I could have gone faster, especially with a pack half the weight without the extra camera gear. However, looking into that blissful face, and sharing the experience with her, made going the extra five miles further than I wanted because of her companionship worth the struggle.


Waiting alongside the trail for 15 minutes at time for some of our 'slower companions' to catch up was agonizing at times. However, about halfway down the mountain, as we resumed a slow trudge, Austin and I passed a cairn (pile of stones acting as a marker). Austin stopped me mid step and proceeded to verbally challenge me as a brother to leave some things behind on the mountain using the cairn as a visual marker of that challenge, change, and transition. As we wept together (yes men cry, and need to) the slowness of our pace receded as the magnitude of the importance of how far we had gone together in just a few steps over arched all; both literally and emotionally.

Summit Together

Nothing in this life we do, achieve, fail, and progress alone. This is at the heart of 4040's why, mission, purpose, and built into every expedition we lead. Through every shared experience you embark with us, the ancient proverb above is solidified as truth. Together we will go further in our personal growth, in our understanding of the world and cultures we engage, and see the catalysts of change begin to emerge as real projects and partnerships not even dreamed of before you took that first step out your door.

I hesitated sharing this, but thought it too truly exemplified this ideal to keep to myself. I run a nonprofit called Veritas Life Adventures for high school youth as well, and this video was made completely on their own volition in recognition of the distance three previously unconnected young men traveled together, and graduated together. None of them ran in the same circles before traveling together on expeditions and doing life through VLA. This is what David and I plan to bring into 4040 expeditions as well.

Only one question remains....how far will you go with us?

Find your adventure

- Grant Boatwright, COO 4040 Adventures