We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. As an expedition and adventure travel company we believe that fantastic and unique itineraries are just part of what is needed. We believe that credibility and experience are the backbone of who we are and why we do this. 40|40 Adventures was founded to inspire, invigorate, and build a global community.

We aim to give you, the 21st-century explorer, the opportunity to challenge yourself and become a catalyst that affects real change in the world. Join us on one of our adventures, and find within yourself the person you've always desired to be.

Student Leadership Expedition – This is our most adventurous and trans-formative Expedition. A 40|40 Adventures Leadership Expedition combines challenging multi day treks, rewarding community service projects and an opportunity to learn about the host country and its traditions. With an extensive build up period your team will be involved with the expedition planning, expedition outcomes and logistics. For all involved it is a life changing experience. These expeditions typically last between 7 -30 Days.

Community Service Expedition – A 40|40 Community Service Expeditions is designed to be rewarding and fully immersive. Working alongside hand picked community initiatives, NGOs and Conservation Organizations we can offer your students and team a sustainable hands-on program. We will stay within host communities, learn about the issues that affect them, experience different traditions and cultures. Get to know more about yourself, develop lifelong skills within a new learning environment. Community Service Expeditions typically last between 7-14 days.

Corporate Adventure Travel - The ultimate way to integrate and build your team. Invest in your employees and the results will speak for themselves. Integrate your team, energize them and unlock their potential. From classic treks through high altitude passes - your motivational chat will be on form here! To team building community projects we have you covered. All of our itineraries are custom designed with your learning objectives in mind. We can arrange accommodation ranging from high end with meeting facilities to campsites in the wilderness where you can get away from it all and bond under the night sky. Lets work together and make your team work.

Utilizing our extensive knowledge accumulated over the last twenty years, 40|40 Adventures will support you in creating and achieving your goals by providing bespoke experiences. We want you to explore the world, discover new cultures, stretch your boundaries, and build a community. We're inspired by our own journeys of discovery and our passion for exploring remote regions of the world - won't you come explore with us?

40/40 Adventures Team

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From an early age, David was encouraged to seek out adventures and take on challenges. Throughout his schooling he participated in expeditions and leadership programs. This led him to pursue a career that has seen him work for Outward Bound Wales, leading expeditions across South America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In the mid 2000s, David worked for The HALO Trust, the world's leading humanitarian landmine clearance organization. Deploying operationally in Abkhazia, Artsakh and Mozambique. Further deployments took him to Afghanistan and Angola. After several years of working overseas, David returned to the world of Student Expeditions, gaining experience as the Sales & Marketing Manager for a UK based company. In 2014, David returned to Africa to manage the Ghanaian Operations for a Schools travel company.

This experience, sense of adventure and devotion to remote lands and cultures inspires him to share 40|40 Adventures with others. David is a qualified Mountain Leader, Day Skipper and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2010. He holds a Wilderness First Aid Qualification.

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Grant joined 40|40 Adventures in 2018 as our Chief Operations Officer. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, he founded a non-profit Organization (Veritas Life Adventures) specializing in outdoor education, holistic lifestyle change, and personal development. His work in outdoor education has seen him gain valuable experience leading trips within the United States and across continents. Grant’s attention to detail and passion for adventure makes him a serious asset to 4040 Adventures. Pictured with him is Jashley, his wife of 10+ years and the photographer for many of the stunning photos shown throughout the website and social media. See more of her work here: JM Photography, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Nana is a Ghanaian native. He's a highly driven individual and a logistical problem solver with eight years of experience leading tours and student group expeditions in Ghana and across West Africa. He has lived in many parts of Ghana among different ethnic groups, studying their customs and culture. He fully understands the norms and regulations of the Ghanaian culture and life. He is creative and loves singing and playing guitar. He's also passionate about cycling and is an up-and-coming long-distance cyclist.

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Walking down the streets of Cuzco and asking for the best guide in Peru, 99 out of 100 people will say Sergio Guia. His uncanny zeal and love of life, people, and Peru make having him as your guide a truly unique experience. Sergio started guiding in Peru’s Manu National Park at age 17 and continues his Peruvian passion by building expertise in backcountry trekking, cultural education, and improving the Peruvian tourism industry. During is his vast career Sergio accomplished this by leading expeditions throughout the Andes, Salkantay, and Inca Trails, managing a hotel and restaurant in Lima, and a travel agency to give clients, and those visiting his country, a broader view of the complete tourism services he and Peru provide. His love and pride for his country translates to his goal of giving the people in his country a better lifestyle, through improving yours, while you journey with him in breathtaking Peru.



'Sami' joined 4040 in late 2018 with experience in traveling solo through Europe and exploring the hostel system in several other countries. She brings a high level of travel enthusiasm and is passionate about different countries and cultures. Besides being a trip leader and intern, Sami manages 4040's social media, student marketing, and trip planning. She has a Wilderness First Aid Certification and is working towards a degree in Cultural Anthropology.

Our Partners

Adventure Wise

Adventure Wise is an online resource for quality, affordable outdoor gear. Adventure wise also offers useful how-to camping guides as well as guides on where to go camping.

JM Photography

Providing stunning photography from the trail, your big day, or new family photos Jashley will capture the moment and location the way it should be.

Explore Secure

Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the health, safety and security of all travelers. We know that simple, easy to learn thought processes and methodology can significantly increase the safety and security of all travelers throughout the globe. Our courses are specifically designed to teach individuals and groups how to identify threats early to avoid danger and minimize risk, and if the worse case scenario ever does occur they are prepared to react in a positive manner to increase chances of a positive outcome. We have proven countless times that just 45 minutes spent learning the basics of personal safety abroad can significantly increase the chances of staying safe and avoiding danger.

Travelers Against Plastic

TAP is an outreach initiative which aims to educate global travelers about the harmful impacts of using disposable plastic water bottles and therefore encourage travelers to be prepared to clean their own drinking water. Our vision is to catalyze a self-sustaining global movement resulting it the near-elimination of travelers’ dependence on disposable plastic water bottles. Why use alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles? The use of disposable plastic bottles while traveling is: hard on the environment, hard on the communities left with the garbage, it’s expensive, and it can often be unhealthy. No traveler wants to leave a trail of plastic water bottles behind them, but many don’t know how to avoid it. The solution is easy: Carry a reusable water bottle and a method to clean the water. Help avoid the waste of hundreds of millions of plastic bottles each year.