The story of 40/40 Adventures begins a long time ago and and spans decades, continents and oceans. And like all good stories going to kick it off with some music and some plagiarized lyrics from Journey.....

Just a small town boy, living in a great big world
He took the midnight plane going anywhere
Just a city girl, born and raised in Fort Worth,
She took the midnight plane going anywhere

Audri is the City Girl in this tale and grew up with a love of musicals, theater and a desire to teach. From school performances, after school clubs and university treading the boards and producing plays has been in her blood. The intricate details, dealing with actors and crew and ensuring a smooth performance for her audience are skills comparable with planning and leading an expedition or adventure. 

David was the small town boy, who fell in love with the outdoors and developed a case of itchy feet early on in life. With a career involving landmine clearance,  leading expeditions, owning a live music venue, operations manager for an expedition company, David spent the majority of his twenties and early thirties out of the UK. 

Whilst living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean David and Audri met through an online dating site. Despite 4,500 + miles of water and land between them, the two started chatting and sharing their thoughts on life and aspirations for the future. From this emerged a list of forty ideas, activities and challenges that they wanted to achieve before turning forty years of age. On both of their lists was actually meeting one another in person, going on a date with one another, taking over a juke box in an old Cornish public house. These three were soon ticked off in quick succession in November 2012. In April 2013, another of the 40/40 list was achieved when the couple got married.

This is not just a story of romance though, it’s a story of persistence, overcoming hurdles, making difficult decisions and grit. In 2015 after living in Ghana where their son Ranulph was born, the family packed up their holdalls and headed to the United States to establish their future. We founded 40/40 Adventures in 2016 (one of David’s 40/40) and are building the company step by step. For many people a bucket list is a big list and something to be done only when you retire. We don’t share this philosophy, we believe that every day is an opportunity to achieve a goal. For Audri and David, there is indeed a few big challenges on their lists, but then there are smaller but by no means less valued goals. We want to try and live a life less ordinary and encourage others to do so as well.

When we established our company we immediately thought of this list and what it means to us. 40/40 Adventures is foremost a family company that encourages, inspires and accommodates all those who want to challenge and explore the world.  We want to be able to provide others the opportunities to seek their dreams, to explore our world and create their own 40/40 list.

We are also passionate about introducing the world and its many cultures languages and experiences to students. They are our future and we believe through expeditions and adventures barriers can be broken down, friendships formed and lifelong lessons learned. With our experience within the student expedition sector and education system we actively encourage students to join us on our expeditions and push personal comfort zones and formulate their own opinions on issues that effect our everyday life. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about 40/40 Adventures and why we do what we do. We would love to hear from you and learn about your 40/40 Adventure and we would be delighted to help plan your next adventure. 

David & Audri Gill

Fort Worth, Texas 2017




Make your adventure.