40/40 Adventures Assembled Expeditions are not organized sightseeing tours, they go way beyond that. Let us start with what is an Expedition? Well this is the dictionary definition.



a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research, or war.

Simply put, at 40/40 Adventures we organize some amazing trips for you the adventurer. If you are seeking a challenge, an opportunity to see the world at a different pace and want to meet like-minded souls than we have some trips for you.

Imagine honing your navigation skills in the jungles of Peru looking for Inca ruins, packrafting in Patagonia, Horse trekking through the African Savannah. Exploring the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Hiking in the Caucasus Region and seeing first hand the work of an International NGO removing the remnants of war. If you want to hone your motorcycling skills why not join one of our planned overland trips. Do you want to see the impact of conservation work in rural Mozambique? How about dining with Monks in Nepal? All of this and more is possible.

We understand that your vacation time is limited and we aim to offer unbelievable adventures to places you would not normally consider. We travel to countries where there will be challenges, we bring together groups of people that relish those challenges. That want to get beneath the skin of a country and avoid the tourist clichés.

Our expeditions are graded from Cultural immersion to full blown Adventure. We are sure that you will find something that peaks your interest. We will be honest with you and will let you know what you can expect on our expeditions, from food, accommodation, transport, to difficulty and technical challenges.

We will post our expeditions, dates and costs in PDF format for you to download.

What you will get from our expeditions.

Professional Leaders: We pride ourselves on our network of professional expedition leaders. All of our staff are leading experts in safety, technical skills and come from a wide array of backgrounds. One thing that they all have in common though is their desire to show you places that you would only ever dream of visiting. Our leaders are educators, medical staff, former armed forces and security personnel, diplomats, adventurers and naturalists. They will ensure that you will have an incredible experience.

Local Knowledge: Each of our trips will be accompanied by one of 40/40 Adventures in-country expedition leaders. These are the guys that will immerse you in their environment, give you access to places off the normal traveler’s radar. They will be your interpreter, your friend and family in your host country. We believe that the only way to experience a country is to have a local fixer, the can-do man, who will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Fully Planned Expedition: All of the expedition has been fully researched and prices include accommodation, whether this be a night in a Dacha or a hammock on a riverboat cruising down the Amazon, there are no hidden costs. Transportation, any internal flights, Mules, Camels, paddleboard etc. is included. Food – we will feed you! However, depending upon the expedition this could be in a Michelin Star restaurant or enjoying a locally made dinner with the Makonde people whilst listening to the sounds of the Mozambican savannah. Activities and equipment are also included, if we are packrafting you will have a packraft, helmets and safety equipment will also be part and parcel of the trip. We will send you a full personal kit list on application to the expedition. We will also document your trip, we work with a number of film producers and will have access to things such as drones, GoPro and will provide you with a film of your expedition. We also guarantee that you will have an adventure and some bragging rights when you get home!